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  Did You Know?


There is one active volcano, thousands of petrified trees, and almost 300 waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park.



Happy Birthday



Colorado joined the Union August 1, 1876


Missouri joined the Union August 10, 1821


Hawaii is the last State to join the Union, August 21, 1959


American Factoids:


The first western saloons really didnít fit our classic idea of what a saloon looks like, but rather, were hastily thrown together tents or lean-to's where a lonesome traveler might strike up a conversation, where a cowman might make a deal, or a miner or a soldier might while away their off hours. However, as the settlement became more populated, the saloon would inevitably prosper, taking on the traditional trimmings of the Old West.


Keystone Hall, Laramie, Wyoming, 1868.



By 1884 the great era of the buffalo ended and nothing remained of the massive buffalo herds but piles of bones. At that time there were only some 1,200-2,000 surviving buffalo left in the United States.


Rainfall in Death Valley averages less than 2 inches a year. There have been some years of no recorded rainfall at all!



Did You Know?

Spanish Missions were not churches. They were Indian towns, with the church as the focus, where, in the 1700s, the native people were learning to become Spanish citizens. In order to become a citizen, they had to be Catholic; that is why the King of Spain sent missionaries to acculturate them.



Pic Fave of the Moment


Cell Window Flow

Cell Window Flowers - This digital art composition merged a current day photo of colorful flower vases, with a restored vintage photo of a prison window cell. Restoration and composition by Legends of America Owner, Kathy Weiser-Alexander. See more "Touch of Color" digital compositions and other unique photography on our Photo Art Pages.


U.S. Factoid:


 -- In 2003, consumer expenditure on arts and cultural-related goods in the U.S. was 136.4 billion U.S. dollars, the largest amount in our nation's history.

Featured Fotos:  Boersma Collection




Jeroen and Maggie Boersma, from Amsterdam, Netherlands, have a special love of highways and signs in the United States. On a trip to New Mexico in 2008, the couple experienced Albuquerque's Central Avenue, also known as Route 66, and have been hooked ever since.

They began capturing highways and signs as they noticed the lack of upkeep on many of them and wanted to document the icons before they disappeared, especially along America's Mother Road, Route 66.


Now they make two to three trips a year to the United States, each time writing turn by turn driving directions from sign to sign within the towns they visit, and studying for each trip up to a full year ahead of time, using satellite views of old highway alignments in preparation.

We hope you enjoy just some of their incredible work in this special collection for Legends Of America.



More Featured Photos:

  • The Powerful Sioux - The Sioux are Native Americans that have various groups and bands based on a number of language dialects. Primarily, they are comprised of three major divisions based on Siouan dialect and subculture. The Isaŋathi, often called the Santee or Eastern Dakota, primarily reside in the in the extreme east of the Dakotas, Minnesota and northern Iowa. The Ihanktowan-Ihanktowana reside in the Minnesota River area and are considered to be the middle Sioux, often referred to as the Yankton and the Yanktonai. The third division is the Western Dakota known for their hunting and warrior culture, are often referred to as the Lakota.

  • Lawmen & Gunfighters - The wild and lawless period in the West lasted for about 70 years, with the first shooting incident by a person who could be considered a professional gunman taking place in Texas in 1854. The gunfighter era was an outgrowth of the Civil War. With many men without opportunities for jobs, their homes and lands in ruins, family members killed or missing, and few skills, with the exception of gun handling, they headed westward in search of new lives. And then, the question of what to do once they got there. Some hunted for gold; some, who had the means, started businesses, others became cowboys, and those with sharp gun handling skills became gunfighters.


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Ghost Towns: America's Lost World DVDGhost Towns (America's Lost World) 2 Disc DVD


Unearth America's Lost World! This 5-Part series ventures into the roots of our nations high hopes and hard labors to discover the towns that boomed fast and went bust even faster. Through original footage, interviews with experts and archival materials, this fascinating documentary takes viewers on an amazing journey through our abandoned history. From the deserts of California and mountains of Colorado to the forts, trails and battle sites of war, witness the precious remains of the past that only exist today as shadows of former glories and empty promises.

First time on DVD! Legends of America's own Kathy Weiser-Alexander and Dave Alexander, along with noted Ghost Town author Philip Varney, authors Jeff Barnes, Kenneth Jessen and many more, even an appearance from Bob Boze Bell. Created and Produced by Award-Winning Documentarians, Centre Communications, exclusively for Mill Creek Entertainment. Total Running time 5 hours, 34 minutes.


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Dave and Kathy at Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona

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